I needed to move across town. At first I thought I would rent a truck and have a few friends help me move. Easy. Unfortunately, a few months before I was planning to move I threw out my back and knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the move myself.

I called a local mover who was known for smaller across town moves. I saw their trucks all over the place and felt comfortable using them. They were nice when I called for the estimate and I was impressed with the bottom line figure. The fee was reasonable for moving my small two-bedroom apartment.

The day of the move the movers showed up on time and did a great job loading everything in their truck. It took them only a few hours to load the truck and then they followed me over to my new place. I knew the truck would be unloaded in a few short hours and I would be on my way to starting over in a new place.

The loading process, however, went much better than the unloading process. It seemed like the movers lost all of their energy. They were dragging and it didn’t appear as if anything was coming off of the truck. My moving estimate was based on the number of hours it would take them to load the truck, drive the truck and unload the truck. After three hours of unloading, I was really beginning to worry. Even with my bad back, I thought I could have emptied the truck faster than they were. I made the mistake of mentioning how slowly I thought they were unloading the truck and asked them to try to pick up the pace. Needless to say, I didn’t help the situation.

When they finally unloaded the truck, my bill was much more than I expected and much more than what they estimated. Unfortunately, I had already given the moving company my credit card number and the bill was more of a notification of how much they charged my credit card.

I really thought I was making the right decision by hiring a local mover because of my bad back. Unfortunately, I fell victim to a moving scam. This was an expensive lesson and the next time I move I won’t make this mistake again.

Tylor Crestin
Tylor Crestin is writing about the moving industry since 2006. The initial idea behind MovingSham.com was to expose the bad moving companies and make sure consumers do the right choice. This was provoked because of the awful moving experience Tylor had back then.
Now in 2018, MovingSham has become the moving industry blog it is today. Tylor is not as active as he used to be, but he is still publishing stories on hot topics in the moving industry.