Moving cross country, I hired what I thought was a reputable mover. I thought I did my research, but I was mistaken.

Several months before my move, I called the company and asked the representative to visit my house and provide a written estimate. The estimate process went well and the representative was extremely nice. The move, however, did go quite so smoothly. The driver arrived late and appeared hung over. Because I had such a good experience with the representative, I continued with the move. This is where the trouble started.

The driver was cranky and took no care in loading my possessions. I remember looking into the trailer and noticing that it appeared my stacked moving boxes were leaning quite significantly. I thought it was my imagination. I kept thinking I was using a reputable company and everything would work out fine.

When we arrived in the new home, the driver was a day late in arriving with our shipment. I started to worry, but soon realized I was at the driver’s mercy. When the driver arrived, I quickly realized some of my possessions didn’t weather the move too well. Piece after piece came off damaged. I spent more time running behind the movers trying to figure out how bad the damage was. I filed a complaint and received some money for the damaged, but unfortunately, didn’t notice all the damage and there was nothing I could do after the fact.

Turns out I was missing several boxes. I didn’t inventory the incoming boxes very well. I also discovered months after the move that the driver had put sugar in the gas tanks of two motorcycles they transported for me. I notified the company of the problem, but was only informed that too much time passed and I had no real proof. The time and money spend fixing the problem was only compounded by the fact that there was nothing I could do about it.