Map Systems is a New Jersey based company, that subcontracts jobs to other carriers.

Map Systems Inc.
Address: 2500 Plaza 5, 25th Floor, Jersey City, NJ. 07311
Registration: MC# 930295 DOT# 2789578
Phone: 800-433-8005

In this moving report we will explore the issues Katie Smith had when hiring movers. She shares her moving review on She entrusted her move to Map Systems.
They then subcontract the job to another company Green Moving.

She quoted me the tidy price of $1,500 and asked for a $500 deposit. She explained I would owe $500 upon pickup and another $500 upon delivery. The delivery would take approximately three weeks. I was sold.

Low-balling the moving quote. This is a classic moving scam. See what happened next:

My original quote of $1,500 for the move was jacked up to $4,235, and he needed more than half of the total payment then and there. Shocked, I took out my credit card and was flatly told that they wouldn’t accept a credit card, only a check. My stomach dropped. I felt cornered. I had already sold my car, and my flight out was at 6 a.m. the next day.

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