Lile North American Moving and Storage:
Address: 2061 Lars Way, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 772-6278

Elite Moving Solutions
Address: 10153 Riverside Dr, Ste 626, Vernon, CA 90058
Phone: (424) 250-8554

Two moving companies are being sued for $3,283,000 after a man who helped move the customers possessions later returned with an accomplice and took part in a robbery that included beating the husband.

According to the Mail Tribune, the lawsuit claims the couple hired Elite Moving Solutions to truck the couple’s possessions from California to their new home in Talent. Elite Moving Solutions allegedly got a referral from Lile Moving and Storage in Medford to use two local men to help unpack the truck.

The lawsuit alleges Lile Moving and Storage failed to do criminal background checks on the men. It claims the Medford, OR company habitually referred untrained, unvetted day laborers to other moving companies to help their drivers unload trucks — and expected those companies to return the favor when Lile needed help outside the area.

On May 3, 2014, Morgan and Turner, wearing masks and carrying at least one shotgun, entered the couple’s house. The husband was savagely beaten in the head, back and torso with the barrel and butt of the shotgun. The two intruders then stuffed the husband and wife in a small water-heater closet, propping a door against the door so they couldn’t escape. The thieves stole jewelry, cash, coins and a car, the lawsuit said.

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Tylor Crestin
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