1. Would love to but doesn’t want to be the only person who shows up.

only person to move
These friends are happy to help, but realize that the only other person you’ve invited is a super flake. Just mention other people’s names to make your invitation more compelling.

2. They honestly don’t feel up to it.

cat watching TV
Whether they have been feeling under the weather lately, or just don’t have the energy. They would rather veg- out on the couch watching Millionaire on their Saturday morning.

3. These friends wouldn’t mind, but know you won’t return the favor.

Moving? No thanks!

This is a give and take process for these kind of friends…

4. Would love to! But they live 4 states away…

You know, those awesome friends that are the first ones to answer your Facebook or Twitter cry for help, but sadly are now living on some ranch in southern Wyoming.

5. They genuinely have something else to do.

move or notThese dear friends would be more than happy to help you, might even bring over one of those Chick-fil-a nugget trays. Although, they are booked for a root canal and they kind of have to do that.

So what kind of friend are you? Are you willing to lift some heavy furniture to help a friend move out?